No Sales Tax vs. No Income Tax Debate

debateFour St. Louis area Republicans held a tax debate on Nov. 1st, 2013. Historian Lloyd Sloan, Committeeman Ken Newhouse, Joseph Wetter and State Rep. Andrew Koenig all participated in the debate.

Sloan and Newhouse participated in the debate on the side of No MO Sales Tax while Koenig and Wetter debated on the side of a retail sales tax, or no income tax. The debate, which was held at the Midwest Music Conservatory in Ballwin, MO, saw a packed crowd of over 150. Republicans from all across the St. Louis region traveled to see the debate which was moderated by former senate candidate, John Brunner.

Notable legislators in attendance were State Rep. Don Gosen, former State Senator Jim Lembke and first congressional district candidate, Martin Baker.

During the 90 minute debate, the two sides went back and forth arguing what tax policy is best for the State of Missouri. Sloan said, “People have never heard our side of the story. When was the last time someone in the Missouri legislature fought for a sales tax cut? This is a tax cut no one has ever seen! It’s new, fresh, and it’s a perspective most middle-class families should support.”

In case you missed the debate, you can watch it in its entirety below.


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