Newhouse for City Council


1. I oppose the proposed .5-percent sales tax increase that will be on the April ballot in St. Louis County.  Municipalities across St. Louis County, including Ellisville, have sales tax rates that could top 10-percent if passed. We must put an end to excessive tax increases.

2. Traffic safety is a major concern for many residents in Ellisville. I was opposed to the QuikTrip relocation at the corner of Kiefer Creek and Manchester back in 2015.  Now that construction is almost finished, it will be one of my top priorities to ensure resident and non-resident safety at that intersection.

3. TIF abuse is a major concern in St. Louis County.  Large corporations feel the need to rip off the taxpayer when they come in to a city or municipality. I will say NO to ANY and ALL requests for the use of TIF dollars by a corporation looking to relocate in to Ellisville.

4. I am opposed to any city-county merger between St. Louis City and St. Louis County. I applaud Ellisville for passing a resolution opposing a city-county merger.

5. We must stand behind our police.  Ellisville has tremendous police officers, and it must stay that way. They provide a great service to our community by keeping our neighborhoods and streets safe.


Ken Newhouse, 636-236-3757